Thursday, January 01, 2004


This is a list-serve for the purpose of passing on tips, ideas, notices of meetings, spectacular photographic opportunities, travel items and so on that would be of interest to some photographers, artists, writers, and others who are interested in the exploration of our planet. How it will develop is yet to be seen, and that will be largely developed by the people who participate in it. So far no one has been invited to join. I am going to run it for a few days and then begin to see who would like to take part in it.

It is located at

What is the meaning of the word: "fauxtaography"? Well, first of all it is obviously a play on the word "photographer". More than that, it goes to another issue. I have heard painters and writers speak of how photographers don't really make anything "new" in their "art", or that they copy what is already there and don't create anything on their own. So thats where the "faux" part comes in. I agree, in part, that we do copy what is already there, we copy "reality". But then comes the "tao" part, and as any student of mystical practices knows, the Tao is a look into what lies beyond reality. In short, I see the art of photography as being an exploration of what it is that has appeared before us and expressing that "reality" in a new essence. Perhaps it is a different angle, or a new light, or to show the thing in detail or even in a different form or structure. The fauxtaographer is one who is a Photographic Artist, like I claim to be, and who explore deeply into the world which lies before us, and expresses the feelings that come from that journey in terms that can be seen and encourage other people to take a deeper look into the life that they experience.

If you would be interesting in participating in the list-serve drop me an e-mail at with your e-mail address and I will place you on the program and introduce you to the rest of our small group. I would like to hear what interests you in the world of photography, what kind of experiences you have had and what you would hope to receive from the list-serve.

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